Sunday, July 20, 2008

Adults with ADHD or Way for Drug Companies to Make Money?

I just read an article which states that adults suffering from depression, anxiety, alcoholism, drug addiction and more may have ADHD. Of course, Professor Phillip Asherson at the Institute of Psychiatry gives us the nebulous, "We don't know if this is the problem - but hey, let's throw some drugs at it and see what that does."

I'm sorry if I sound rather jaded, ladies and gents, but I see this as a simple plan to make the drug companies and psychiatrists more money. All they are doing is prescribing something to cover up the problem - like giving someone with a broken back some Xanax. Sure he feels great, but he still can't walk. Plus, when it wears off, he still has a broken back!

What do you think? Do you think their supposition may be valid, or that this is just another plan to make drug companies richer?


Grahame said...

IMHO, it's to make money. Pure and simple.

Julia said...

Well, I'm glad your humble opinion agrees with mine. :)