Sunday, August 17, 2008

Foster Kids Medicated

I was sent this link. It's various youtube videos that have kids who were in foster care and heavily medicated. The stories are completely heartbreaking - one kid was told by a therapist that he should forget his mother because she was in prison. Then the kid was told he was depressed and given medication. Shockingly (excuse my sarcasm), the poor kid remained depressed. Anyway, check out the videos. They're real eye openers.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Overprescription of Ritalin in the UK

I appear to be forever reading articles - I actually get so many articles about Ritalin, Prozac and psychiatric drugs/diseases that I don't ever have enough time to post them all. I wish I did, because I am sure there are a lot of people around that don't get alerts on these things. After all, there's only so much information we have time to read in a day.

So, here's an
interesting article I read recently. The basic idea behind it is that there are huge variations in the amount of Ritalin prescribed in various parts of the UK. Some say that there is simply better health care in some areas than others, but there is such a disparity between amount of prescription, it appears that Ritalin is simply being over prescribed in some areas.

What do you think?