Saturday, April 12, 2008

Statistics for Child Drugging

This article from the Guardian indicates various shocking statistics from the first comprehensive study on child drugging. Ian Wong conducted the study in the UK and the following are some of the published results:

"His analysis, to be published next month in the US journal Pediatrics, shows that between 1992 and 2005, 3,000 UK children were given anti-psychotics.

"Twice as many prescriptions were given to children for the drugs in 2005 as in
1992, with the biggest increase in the seven to 12 age group, where the number of anti-psychotics prescribed trebled. The largest category of use by far is in cases of behavioural disorders and personality disorders, including bipolar disorder (manic depression), autism and hyperactivity."

Back at the ranch (read - in America) there are some shocking statistics of kids being prescribed drugs they aren't supposed to be using. The winner in the USA is... drum roll please... anti-psychotics!

Why are psychiatrists improperly prescribing drugs to their patients? Let me know what you think.


Grahame said...

I'd say 1) it is easier and quicker to prescribe a drug than to get to the actual root of the problem such as a physical illness or allergy. 2) Most education for doctors and psychiatrists is sponsored or provided by drug companies and drugs as a panacea is what this education pushes. 3) Drug companies push for "off label" usages of their drugs as we saw in the recent Zyprexa cases where Eli Lilly was caught doing this.

The whole system is very corrupt.

Julia said...

So, are you saying they are simply trying to make more money with "the ends justify the means" mindset?

D Bunker said...

Very corrupt and more Grahame. Google kedren NEAR audit, and grab the pdf.

On page 5 under "Summary Of Findings" is: "In total, we identified $1,412,687 in inappropriate/unallowable transfers to non-mental health accounts or inadequately supported costs.": Such as vehicle and travel costs, credit cards for personal stuff.

Lilly, J&J, and AstraZeneca knocked down roughly $14.5 Billion last year selling Zyprexa, Risperdal and Seroquel alone.

The National Institute of Health passed out $23 Billion, claiming that it would be "Inappropriate and Impossible" to oversee what that money is spent on, while 1 of the recipients [Melissa DelBello] also got $238K from AstraZeneca to pump their Seroquel into children.

This whole mental health apple is just crawling with amoral, paid off Nietzschean Ubermensches, front to back and top to bottom. It is overwhelmingly a 'Bucket of Very Dirty Money'.

The only legit money in mental health, is in helping folks clean these chemical horrors out of their system.