Sunday, March 02, 2008

Great Links About Psychiatry

Here are some great links to start March out with:

Psychdata reports on the Mothers Act

The Alliance for Human Research Project reports on the Zyprexa saga

The Alliance for Human Research Project reports on Ablify

Attention Deficit Disorder reports on how to use vitamins to curb ADHD and ADD symptoms

Grahame reports that Prozac doesn't work

Psychwatch reports that 80% of suicides in Sweden are committed by people on anti-depressants

MSNBC reports on using psychiatry as punishment in Russia

DBunker reports on drug companies hiding the negative results of clinical trials (please note that DBunker's blog contains uninhibited terms and strong language.)

Scientology Against Drugs asks, is Bipolar Disorder real?

These are all very interesting articles. Check 'em out!


D Bunker said...


Given Psych's track record my terminology isn't 1% as strong as Psych deserves. I draw the line at abusing and destroying people, for profit, and I've yet to find evidence that this barbarism is actually helping Anyone but Pharma.

Cruising the anti-psych education blogs what's saddest is the dearth of interest reflected in the lack of comments.

As a nation we've placed a wholly unfounded faith in the ability, and even desire, of Govt to safeguard us from the predations of such super conglomerates.

Psychiatrists themselves are, generally speaking, beneath contempt, as they are, in effect, mere extensions of the Marketing Depts. of Pharma. And if we're going to rein in their savagery we're going to have beat the drum with, as JFK put it "Great Vigor."

Have you looked around much at: ?

This place looks like the US Treasury itself if you're looking into the machinations of Psychiatry's owners: the one's who actually set the Psychiatric agenda.

Just Follow The Money. It never lies.

Julia said...

Hi DBunker, thanks for the comment! I haven't looked much at I added them to my feedreader, so I will be getting more info from them in the future.
I agree with your closing statement completely. I actually have a little article in my personal blog that talks about not turning a blind eye to history and real, true facts - instead of turning to lies some propagandist made up.
Thanks, as always, for commenting and for doing all you do with your blog! I really love how passionately you write. Let me know if you ever need anything from me.