Sunday, February 24, 2008

Great Links About Psychiatry

Here are some great links that I'd love to post about, but others have already done so:

Psychwatch reports on A BBC Documentary created to show the history of psychiatry in history and how it's affected democracy.

ScientologyAgainstDrugs posts a great article on ADHD. Very thought provoking!

Psychwatch reports on a psychiatrist having an affair with a mentally ill patient

Indystar reports Eli Lilly settling 900 more claims against Zyprexa, with 1100 still to go.

Psychdata reports Another Drug Company is Being Sued (My goodness! Are all the drug companies so messed up? You'd think they'd learn not to make stupid and deceptive marketing campaigns, but I suppose they're just chasing that buck.)

A Hilarious fake drug campaign is going on in Toronto for a "drug" called "Obay". LOL!


D Bunker said...

Great blog. Correct attitude. All the best with it. I too am similarly down on the Nazi pseudo-science/quackery of Psych, and after researching its claw in the Holocaust am utterly agahst that it's still allowed to stalk the halls of legitimate medicine.

I'm still learning to drive my own bright, shiney new anti-psych blog, at;

You may find the 14th Amendment Constitutional Conflict I've raised under 'That Pesky Constitution Thing, Again' interesting, as well as a few links of interest which you might not have seen yet.

But be forewarned, I tend to be a bit strident.

Again, best wishes

Julia said...

Thanks for your best wishes, DBunker. I've added your excellent blog to my feed reader. I don't mind people being strident on this subject :)