Monday, May 22, 2006

Children Being Used as Human Guinea Pigs

This ABC News article goes over a study being done in a Massachusetts hospital to measure the effectiveness on a drug called Quetiapine on preschoolers, ages 4 to 6 with "Bipolar Disorder". This article goes over what the notes on this study fail to mention:
a) this drug is considered highly toxic for Adults to take, so toxic that a black box label was put on it - warning on possible side effects such as death and life threatening diseases,
b) children who are that young are still developing, and a lot of the symptoms of Bipolar disorder are the same as those of a normal young child going through the process of getting older and developing.
This is the most disgusting thing I have ever heard of. These kids don't even know what they are getting into, and the parents are supposed to sign an "informed consent" form, but who knows if they have been given any of the above information. Probably not, as what parent would want there kid being put on a drug that could kill them?

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